Fusion of Publisher Monetisation and Technology

Improving Revenue, Efficiency & Control for Publishers via our self-serve Fusion Ad Management & Optimisation Platform.

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We empower top global publishers

Publisher Monetisation

There's no need for publishers to manage complex ad platform integrations; drop in our tag, and allow us to monetise your existing content, all managed from one simple intuitive platform.

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Flexible solutions for a fast-moving market

A one stop shop for publishers.

We are a complete solution for all your adtech needs.
  • Contextual Data & Insights
  • Choice of Ad Monetisation
  • Google Open Bidding Demand
  • Header Bidding Demand
  • Unique Ad Formats
  • Faster Net30 Payments
Managed Ad Operations
  • Yield Management
  • Ad Demand Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Account Management
  • Commercial Support
  • Technical Support
  • Contextual & Machine Learning
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Reignite Technology
  • Fusion Publisher Tag
  • Brandable Reporting & Ad Units
  • Event Debugging

We are a monetisation powerhouse

How it works

Put our single Fusion Publisher Tag (JavaScript Tag) in the footer of your site & update your Ads.txt and your requirements are complete. Manage the placement of ads and ad unit types all from your Content Ignite dashboard and keep track of performance once live. It couldn't be easier.


The latest in publisher & advertising technology

Our tech works relentlessly to maximise the value of publisher content

Contextual Targeting

Ever dreamt of unlocking the power of your content without any intervention, targeting users without privacy hacks? How does a single toggle sound?

ReIgnite Technology

Auto-refresh ads, but only when in view. No wasted reloads here, just highly viewable impressions that engage with users. All that power from a single toggle.

Transparency & control

No hidden fees here, our reporting shows you exactly where your revenue is going, and with industry-leading 80/20 rev share on Net30 terms, it's mostly you!

Bring your own demand

Got your own Ad Manager account and want to run your own demand? No problem! Use our tech to power your own solution and even white-label our entire product suite.

Why work with us?

Transparency and industry beating revenue, that's why.

We are a tech-first company, and our technology works for everyone and has been proven time and time again to beat the bigger players in the area that matters most; more revenue for publishers.

As active members of IAB and a Google channel partner, we take being a responsible advertising technology vendor very seriously. Our focus will always remain on keeping up with the latest advances in ad technology and in using our alliances to ensure you get the best performance and most compliant advertising solutions.

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Our publishers

Don't just take our word for it

See what our clients have to say about working with Content Ignite.

When a demand partner comes along and says that they could monetise your inventory better than your current supplier, it very rarely turns out to be true. I’m happy to say though that in the case of Content Ignite that this has actually been the case. Their implementation took literally 2 minutes and within the first week, we started to see an increase on previous numbers.
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