A premium demand stack and product suite fused by technology

Publisher management screens

The Power of Choice

Unrivalled choice, technology and support with our flexible publisher solutions

Our demand

We are a monetisation powerhouse; Google Open Bidding, Header Bidding, Google Ad Exchange and direct contextual targeted campaigns from Content Ignite.

Your demand

Elegantly built around Google Ad Manager, connect via API's from our platform - combining our technology with you own direct advertising demand.

Or choose hybrid

Run your own direct campaigns with Content Ignite's demand stack nestled in behind - monetising when you don't - through your instance of Google Ad Manager.

Managed ad operations

Choose Content Ignite's expert Ad Operations teams to manage your direct campaigns, yield management and optimisation.

Product Suite

Revenue-accelerating ad products


This unit is one of our most flexible allowing you to target 1 image per post or multiple images, infinite scroll, and the option to go on or under the image. A high-performance product that produces exceptional results.


Our floating adhesion units sit at the bottom of all your pages, across all devices providing high viewablity figures leading to premium CPM’s. This is a highly engaging performance unit that delivers results.


We understand content is king, so our In-Article unit is seamlessly integrated into our publishers content to enhance the user experience, not detract from it. Providing a highly engaging format, this unit offers a truly native experience for users.

Standard IAB

Why not use the power of Native to help monetise your display inventory. We can run our native formats into all standard IAB units and really help to either supplement, or replace, your display strategy.

You're in Control

Our platform is flexible

Power user? Or just looking for someone to take the load off? Our platform can do both and everything in between.

Self-Serve Publishing Cloud

A brandable Publishing Cloud to allow you to manage all of your websites, billing and reporting

Unrivalled Control

Easily turn on-and-off ad products from within the Publishing Cloud along with other features like Ad-Refresh and Load In-View.


Next-level features


Ever dreamt of unlocking the power of your content without any intervention, targeting users without privacy hacks? How does a single toggle sound?

ReIgnite technology

Auto-refresh ads, but only when in view. No wasted reloads here, just highly viewable impressions that engage with users. All that power from a single toggle.

Audience segmentation

Create contextual 'Segments' from your contextual data to create 'Audiences' to push into Google Ad Manager and target with direct, PG or PMP deals.

Fusion technology

Our single tag can be deployed to your site, globally, just once. Changes are pushed automatically into the live tag allowing quick testing and revenue generation.

Why us?

Transparency as standard

Revenue shares: We're as transparent as possible - see the gross and your net revenue for each ad product in our Publishing Cloud

Ad-usage pricing: Usage-based pricing charges for SaaS are itemised clearly for each day - only pay for what you use.

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